Zlatna Strip Serija

Comics were huge in Yugoslavia. There were many different publishing companies competing for customers, but the two most popular series of comics were “Zlatna Strip Serija” and “Lunov Magnus Strip”, both published by Dnevnik from Novi Sad.

Both of these weekly comic series were published in 96 page format and mainly featured works dealing with the American Wild West and the American Revolution. The majority of the comics were the heroes of the Italian publisher Sergio Bonelli, but also te Dardo, EsseGessE, LUG Lyon, Keystone Press Agency, Comes Roma and Yugoslavian artists.

“Zlatna Strip Serija” and “Lunov Magnus Strip” both started in 1968, and were published weekly, until the break up of Yugoslavia in 1992. In total 1103 issues of “Zlatna Strip Serija” were published and 997 of “Lunov Magnus Strip”.

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