GRAPHIC Conspiracy

GRAPHIC Conspiracy is a project of the cultural centre REX. In the issue GRAPHIC Conspiracy VI and VII the following artists were featured: ‘Les jours etrangers’ by Milan Pavlovic (alias Mr. Stocca) and ‘Poposak and the Flowers’ by Wostok, Grabowski and Sasa Mihajlovic.

“During the hard times, cultural centre REX started publishing a comic strip collection entitled “Graphic Conspiracy” which had three conceptual editions in the year 2000: ‘Graphic Conspiracy (#1)’, ‘Odyssey: Serbia 2001′ and ‘Catharsis’. The fourth collection appeared on the first anniversary of this project. We are now introducing GC 10, worthy successors to previous collections in the Graphic Conspiracy series.” Carried out with the support of the Fund for Open Society and the Civil Parliament of Serbia. Visit their website to see. Visit the website to view previous editions.

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