Hardcomics is a self-financed publishing house. Their aim is to create a market for comics in Romania and to set a standard in content and form. Hardcomics is also an undergound magazine with a lot of sex and humour. Hardcomics began 6 years ago in Bucharest. The birthchild of Serbian graphic designer Milos Jovanovic and Romanian animator Matei Branea, later on to be joined by Street artist Andy Sinboy. The meeting of these comic fans spawned Romania’s first independent (and back then, only) comic book publication. The first issue called “Aaarghh” was made by Romanian painter and illustrator Roman Tolici, a bizarre, neurotic and abstract compilation of sex, violence, love and beauty. The second issue was by our own Matei Branea and his lovably chainsmoking character Omulan. This issue was mute and looked at man’s relationship with a God which is enforced on him, as well as how to get extremely high and party. Visit to the website 18+ only!

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