Erno Zorad

Ernö Zorad was one of the most prominent Hungarian comic artists during the 1960s and 1970s. After secondary school, Zorad attended the Hungarian School of Applied Arts. He stopped studying after two years and started painting. After serving in the military in World War II, Ernö Zorad became a book illustrator. He contributed illustrations to several magazines and newspapers.

Joining the studio of Tibor Cs. Horath in the 1950s, he became of the main illustrators of the children’s magazine Füles. He has done an incredible number of comic pages, mainly based on literature, starting with Karl May’s ‘Winnetou’ in 1957. He continued to work in this genre, mostly from scripts by Horvath, throughout the 1980s. The work of Ernö Zorad has been anthologized in two albums. He died in April 2004.

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