“It all started in Sarajevo 2002, together with Renato Vladimir and Sandra Komljenovic I realized that I wanted to organize a comic festival, all with the aim of popularizing comics and affirmation of my beautiful Makarska.
The basic idea of MaFest and it’s trademark is socializing and fun in the rhythm of comics! We wanted to organize a festival that will give us all a beautiful weekend with series of fun, comics, promotions consecutive meetings that will certainly result in some new ideas for years to come. Reflecting on the period of maintenance, we agreed that the ideal period for such an event in late spring month of May as it is, in general, one of the most beautiful time in our region. In fact, it still does not have the crazy tourist crowds and the weather is nice enough that all visitors can swim in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.” Visit the website for news and updates about the upcoming edition.

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