Philip Andronicus

“Sit down, because this story could take a while … Upon completion of the elementary school I started secondary school of Applied Art that was located in another part of Sarajevo from where I lived. Since this was immediately after the last war (1995), to go to this school was even going to the army on the other end of the former Yugoslavia. Urban transportation was not working and I’m almost through the first year the school went on a bike since I was the only student from that part of town (the parents of other children did not dare send their children in the world “). Although I have always loved drawing more than painting, I graduated from the department of painting. Four years of schooling still I was only a child who has been working towards better. I decided to continue my education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. I was full of myself, with loads of comics under my arm, I was going to enter the graphic design course! Finally! But alas, the professor with whom I had my entrance examination said to me, after viewing my work, “do you have any more work, because here we just do not like comics”. If the Academy doesn’t sympathize comics I don’t even want to be here! Comics are meant to involve people. So that means comics will be drafted to be different from others – in positive or negative sense. In the army I drew more female characters and this can be interpreted as positive reactions. A negative would be if I said that I draw comics, and people immediately raise eyebrows. “Really?” No, just for fun! Of course I really draw comics!”

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