Albania Visual Art

“A New Visual (E)vocation wants to emphasis the interesting new artistic mood in the country trough pieces of art that are strongly connoted by an evocative atmosphere; each one in fact, in different ways, is deeply metaphoric and has in itself the aim of being strongly representative of the reality, but above all it wants to show the real feelings of each artist about the world, especially the country and the society they live in. Even the ones who seem to relate only with their inner inside evocate indeed the fact of being part of a country which is complicated and fascinating at the same time.

This exhibition wants to experience its artistic vocation, which tries to evoke the sign of the past but also has a deep hankering after the future. The theme that I propose is simple. The interest is in all the visual arts that are to me, opportune to represent the sensibility of the country: visual Art that looks at Albanian society and its history, that investigates its roots, its memory, the prerogatives of the language, the sense of belonging to a geographic place, the sense of being a depositor of history that is actually changing under the deep mark of fast and heavy globalisation. My aim is to investigate all this trough the sensitive eye of each artist exploring the all around , utilizing the aesthetic approach to the reality with a critical and sharp point of view.

My aim is essentially a search and documentation of change trough an evocative sign. The change that comes from distress, from regret; the change that is springing up as a result of new intellectual forces; the changes that result from the popular and the spontaneous; and the change that is coming about as a consequence of contemporary artistic expressions, which desire, above all else, concepts and events in evolution.”

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